Infographic: Guess the World’s Most Popular Beer (You’re likely WRONG!!)

Only best beer infographic ever: and, you’ll never guess the world’s best selling beer.

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

The fine folks over at Finances Online have pumped out another interesting beer-related infographic, this one featuring a world traveler (let’s call him “Steve”) who trots around the globe discovering which countries drink the most beer, which countries pay the most (and least) for a beer, and which country spends the most on beer per-person (hint: they travel in fried out combi’s on a hippie trail with heads full of zombie).

At the end of the infographic they even share the world’s most popular beer, which I wouldn’t have guessed if you gave me 100 tries. Interesting!  Worldly!  Easy to cut and paste and create a post! 

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