5 Ways to Talk About Animal Shelters


Maddie’s Fund – What is No-Kill?

The big debate in the animal shelter world is about the right words to use: do we “kill” or “euthanise”?  Well, actually it’s no, it’s not the big debate, although we do talk about the words: in animal shelters in America we don’t manage to save the lives of millions of healthy adoptable animals each year” and call it “euthanasia”.

The most popular ways to describe animal shelters are

1. Lifesaving Centered – saves all healthy animals

2.  Lifesaving Community – subtle difference here! Saves all healthy animals

3. No-Kill – blunt, to the point – saves all healthy animals

4. Save All Lives – saves all lives!

5. None of the above – more than 50% of the animals which come in the door won’t leave alive…..

So you might like to get behind “lifesaving” – check out Maddie’s Fund if you want to know more!  My favorite phrase is “Save All Lives” – and if you like it too,  you might like to show your support and adopt from your local shelter.


This is my girl, Daisy: she was lucky enough to be brought to my local no-kill shelter as she was in the local pound and schedule for euthanasia with her puppies.   Thank you to Operation Kindness in Dallas for all their wonderful efforts to save lifes.

Check out the link too: your new best friend could be waiting for you ❤




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